The Sinus Bomb
The Sinus Bomb
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The Sinus Bomb

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 The Sinus Bomb 

Eucalyptus Sinus bath fizz is the prefect addition to a long hot bath or face steam after a long day. Great for relief from sinus pains, congestion and asthma related issues. Packed with beneficial essential oils.

This bath bomb is a weekly ritual in my house. I have suffered from chronic sinus all my life and this fabulous fizzy concoction has been my life saver!

Bath bomb benefits

  • Kind to your skin and suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive
  • SLS and cruelty-free made with only the best organic ingredients
  • Added grapeseed oil for soft, hydrated and younger looking skin, treats acne outbreaks, makes skin softer and more elastic, evens out skin tone.
  • All SO ME bath bombs are vegan and vegetarian friendly 

Why choose a SO ME bath bomb? 

Firstly, bath bombs are the best way to enjoy a bath! And, we actually make bath bombs that are good for your skin with organic all natural skin loving ingredients.

Each bath bomb is packed with luxurious oils and butters which offer moisture and healing. A helping of grapeseed oil to care for skin; and our bombs even have the best quality shea and cocoa butter in to penetrate and hydrate skin. That’s why so many of our clients with dry or sensitive skin love our bath bombs and come back time and time again!

Approx. 90g 

*We do not test our products on animals, and neither do our suppliers. We're proud to be cruelty-free.

How to use our bath bombs

Fill your bath with lots of warm water - just how you normally would. Then, when you’re about to get in, gently lower your bath bomb into the water and watch it fizz, float and foam! You can of course throw it in, plonk it in, hold it under water... whatever makes you happy! But we do suggest gently lowering it into the water to avoid any splash back or the bomb breaking before you can enjoy the fizz.

Whilst it’s fizzing away, it releases all its wonderful goodness into the water to create silky smooth and colorful water that will also smell divine!



-Citric Acid 

-Epsom Salts 

-White Kaolin Clay 

-Cream of Tartar 

-Cocoa Butter 

-Shea Butter 

-Grapeseed Oil 

-Polysobate 80

-Natural FO/ES oils

-Isopropyl Alcohol 


-Natural Mica/Colorants 

Mica is the colorant found in each of our bath products, which we mix with polysorbate 80 (a natural emulsifier derived from vegetables) in order to prevent any stains to your bath tub. To help to prevent stains, it's recommended you clean your bath tub prior to using the bath bomb and wash down the tub after your bath using a sponge and bath tub cleaner.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cristel Venter
My absolute fav!!!

This bath bomb works a treat, not only for your sinuses but for aches, pains, and just washing a stressful day away! When my stock of sinus starts running low I panic.

Jacqui Randall
Thank you so much

"Oh my word 🤩 I felt like I was opening treasure 😎. Then the beautiful smell hits you. I cannot begin to explain the wonderful experience. I was in a horrible mood this morning, but receiving this gorgeous prize put me in the best mood ever. Thank you so much