What is CBD and why is it in my coffee?

We are super excited because OUR COFFEE COLLECTION IS LAUNCHING SOON! 
A dedicated collection for all the coffee lovers, the die hard caffeine addicts!

We have come a long way from that overly sweet cup of Ricoffy back in the day. Local coffee connoisseurs and artisan baristas have created world class home grown coffees and coffee products that stand tall next to the world best.

We promise to bring you locally brewed coffee and coffee inventions that are sure to make your coffee rituals even more enjoyable.

We only support fair-trade and carbon neutral brands where possible and make sure that our suppliers have recycling and green initiatives in place.
One of our coffee products that we are super excited about is a CBD coffee from The Healthy Coffee Guy. A question they get alot is what exactly is CBD and why is it in their coffee. 
We wanted to give you some info on this amazing coffee in anticipation of its launch on our site. 
Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most effective supplemental/'medicinal' extracts that can be extracted from Hemp/Cannabis - it is commonly used to ease pain, inflammation, anxiety and various other concerns, or as a preventative measure against them. We have used pure 99.99% Cannabidiol (CBD) from a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified lab and the latest proprietary method of infusion to infuse our organically grown coffee with this “medicinal” hemp/cannabis extract.

Coffee and CBD both improve mood and serotonin levels and have antioxidant properties. The caffeine + CBD combination stimulates a calmer, jitter-free and more focussed energy when compared to normal coffee, alongside an effective dose of CBD. Our CBD Coffee blend is lab tested and does not contain the psychoactive THC molecule so you will not feel “high”
Keep an eye out for the exciting launch of our new FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE SELECTION coming soon. 

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