I know a right another 3in1 wash...

I know a right another 3in1...

With so many 3in1 washes on the market that claim they have the superior formulation or promise results in a day.. Really... Its hard to find something that actually works and delivers on the most important promise of being all natural. 

When I started research into the formula development for this range I was shocked to see what some companies add into their "natural" formulations. It took a good year to find the right balance of ingredients before we finally launched this range.

This formulation has been tested and formulated to give amazing healing and cleansing results to the skin as well as strengthening and balancing the HP of your hair.  

Balancing of your hairs HP levels is super important for hair growth, strengthening and to ensure a glow.   

The biggest challenge was to get the formulation to foam naturally in order to create a lush bubble bath experience too. We worked with a a stunning combination of Coconut derived bases to create a luxuries foam with loads of skin loving oils that leave the entire body feeling soft and moisturized. 

Another active ingredient Panthenol D has a bag full of benefits namely a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. It can help improve skin's hydration, elasticity, and smooth appearance. It also soothes: red skin. In your hair Panthenol D helps with shine, softness & strength, it even benefits your nails as they are made from keratin proteins, just like your hair by strengthening them.

Each wash has been carefully and skillfully scented with a blend of fragrance oils that will entice the senses and leave you smelling amazing all day long like a long lasting perfume. We blend all our own scents so you can be assured of a unique and long-lasting scent. 

You will feel like a Goddess and ready to tackle the day after using these washes.

Don't believe us? Give it a try! 

  • How to use as a body wash:

When in the shower/bath, squeeze a small amount of the wash into your hands or on a sponge and lather around your body, taking care to avoid the face and eyes. 

  • How to use as a bubble bath:

Carefully pour the desired amount of the liquid under running warm water for maximum effect. Allow the bath to run with the bubble bath in to create lots of lovely bubbles! Pop the lid back on your bottle and store somewhere safe away from children, pets and anywhere where the bottle could slip.

  • How to use as a shampoo:

Wet hair and apply the desired amount of the wash into your hands and lather through your hair massaging the oils into your scalp. Run hair under lukewarm water to rinse off the soap. 


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