G&T Infusion Collection

Here at SO ME we are absolutely obsessed with GIN!

No seriously.. We love Gin and the amazing botanicals we get to work with to create amazing and unique infusements. 

Gin infusing can be quite daunting for beginners with so many botanicals and flavors to work with. We have heard the call and made sure to add some handy guidelines and recipes in our kits as well as some pre-mixed bags of infused batanicals with our top secret recipes for reference.  

The main thing to keep in mind is to have fun! It should not feel like a impossible task. Play around with the botanicals and garnishes until you find your perfect mix. 

We also have "Just Add Gin" infusement bottles that come in different flavors. Just empty a bottle of your favorite Gin or Vodka into our bottles and allow this to stand and infuse with the wonderful botanicals. These are a great party trick and look gorgeous on display in your bar or on one of our drinks trolleys.   

All of our botanicals, dehydrated fruits and flowers are sustainably sourced and support local farmers. We take pride in using only the best possible quality available and offering these amazing botanical experiences at affordable prices. 

Get your G&T Infusement kit today and experience your Gin to its fullest potential. 

Happy infusing my Gin babies!



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